SZYM Entourage 6

Available for purchase right now on the Marketplace or at the Prototype Gardens Mall.
Buy on Marketplace and leave a review to get a 10% rebate automatically!

Upgrade Price


Available to all 2013 and earlier Entourage owners.
Difference returned as instant rebate upon delivery.

Retail Price


Available to all other customers.

Includes Priority, Vertex, Agent, Livery, Civilian, and Economy packages, and free updates for the life of the product.
Plus, you will never be banned from using our products, no matter what. You can use your Entourage forever.

Why do we charge for upgrades?
An upgrade is a total redesign of the entire vehicle. Generally, upgrades transform sculpted cars into mesh and feature our newest script package.
While our older vehicles were created entirely by one or two people, there's a whole lot of hard work that goes into our new vehicles from several different creators.
Often, our vehicles have gone through over 5 years of continuous sales and development. It's unfair to our newer collaborators to be expected to work for free on major upgrades.
To compensate them while still rewarding previous customers, we offer a 30% discount for owners of a pre-upgrade model. However, owners who have upgraded will enjoy free updates for life.

No betas.
No groups.
No problem.

You're not paying for a beta - we only sell finished products. You're getting everything that's gone into the Entourage in one simple package - no separate versions, no prereleases, no confusing exclusivity - all for less than the leading competitor.

Plus, your new Entourage can be updated anywhere, anytime - you don't have to pay to join a group for updates.
Either way, if you want to join, it's free! We won't threaten to ban you from our group, either (as long as you're cool).

We're serious about value.

There's so much packed into the new Entourage, it would take another month just to write down everything that we've improved. We added so many new exclusive features - from a revamped Web Config to our new Active Suspension.
You're getting way more for way less. More features, more colors, more fun - less money, less bugs, less problems.

Eight years at the top.

We've been the leader in the roleplay community for over eight years. We've taken hundreds of comments and suggestions to improve the gold standard of roleplay vehicles. You won't be disappointed - we've listened and learned, and we're always open for more ideas. We're confident in our work, and we don't photoshop our images - with SZYM, what you see is what you get.

We get it. Let's get down to business.

The SZYM Entourage 6 features SPT2, the next-generation powertrain from NTBI. SPT2 drastically improves handling and adds a ton of new features:

Plus, we've polished up the exterior to make your Entourage the most realistic SUV on the road:

Then again, nothing says "fun to drive" like an interior packed with interactive features:

Of course, you're probably more interested in the cop stuff - lights, sirens, all that:

Available for purchase right now on the Marketplace or at the Prototype Gardens Mall.
Buy on Marketplace and leave a review to get a 10% rebate automatically!



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